Male Domestic Abuse – Anon

Male-Domestic-Abuse‘Shocked’, that is how I felt when asked to do a case note for WHAG.

My WHAG worker told me she saw a major change in me. From my smile, my confidence and ability to stand up for myself and I look back at it now finding myself agreeing with her.  Looking back I did see myself as weak for letting my ex wife treat me in a vile manor.  From the verbal abuse which lead to being physically attacked which in turn affected my confidence and my self esteem.  I did believe myself to be weak for letting myself be assaulted by my ex wife. But WHAG helped me find my voice again and told me male domestic violence happens more commonly and I was stronger because I spoke up against it.

WHAG gave me a shoulder to cry on when I needed it the most and the advice to combat and stick up for myself.  It was a battle I had to fight on my own, but their support gave me strength and I consider my support worker more then a support worker.  I saw her as a friend. Don’t get me wrong I still think the world and court systems a sexist world,  but I do feel more men should speak up about it because men don’t need to suffer in silence and with WHAG’s support it’s a step in the right direction.

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