Poem from Rose Court Tenants

Our tenants at Rose Court, got together and created staff a poem for Christmas. We were all really moved by this and think we have a talented bunch of women living at Rose Court.


You are always there to show you care, when life has treated us unfair.
Even when we’re filled with hate, you’ve helped us face our own mistakes.
When the pain has been to much to bare, you’ve brought us back from our despair.
And when there’s been no escape you’ve taught us how to change our fate.
You always support us win or lose, no matter what path we sometimes choose.
With patience, support and sometimes tears, you’ve helped us overcome our greatest fears.
You always give your time and space, but never afraid to put us in our place.
With teaching us to take control, you’ve shown us how to reach our goal.
And when we’ve fell so far from grace, with all the problems we could not face.
Thank you all for having faith.


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