Recovery Toolkit Programme (RTK)

I have 2 girls, after being with my partner for 5 years, we broke up in 2014.  I was left with 2 girls and being a working mum.  In the middle of 2014 I underwent Domestic Abuse by the girls’ dad.

After this I was left feeling worried, vulnerable and scared.  Through the period of June to December, I went through a lot; it was all a blur to be honest.  I was put forward for the Recovery Toolkit (RTK) for support.

I was undecided to go, I wend on the first day and I was nervous.  As the weeks went by and I made myself go, I found a lot of help, ways of dealing with my feelings and ways to feel positive about how far I have come.

Although I still struggle with depression and my 2 girls, I have found ways to cope and be a stronger person.  I now live for each day, enjoy my children, love work and if any problems arise, I take a step back, think about the issue and deal with it accordingly without stressing or worrying.

I am thankful to the RTK for helping me through my difficult time and making me a stronger person.


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