Survival Story – Anon

KeyTo all the staff

Just want to say thank you to each of you for all your support while me and Katie have been staying here. Knowing we have both been safe here has been a blessing to us both. My princess hasn’t had to see her mummy scared or upset.

Thanks to you all being helpful, she’s seen an opposite side to her mummy. A happier chilled out mummy who she used to see before everything happened. Evan though I’ve had my ups and downs, you’ve all been there to listen and give me advice. It’s nice to know your all here for us even if we just want a chat.

Thank you all for introducing us both to peace, safety and an area where we can hopefully stay to turn a new leaf. A new start is what me and my girl need away from negative, small-minded bullies. If I didn’t know about WHAG or refer myself and Katie I’d probably be stuck in that life with the wrong people.

Without your help and hard work we wouldn’t be this happy or safe. Because of you all she’s in a good school, which she likes better than her old school (Katie told me that)

Thank you for registering me on West Cheshire homes that has been amazing for me. Without that I wouldn’t of got my new start in this area, I’m starting to fall in love with it already, feels like home and so does our flat.

I can’t wait for me and Katie to start this new chapter. As emotional and scary it’s going to be we are both excited!! I can’t wait to make the flat feel and look more homely than it is already does. I’m excited for this new start.

A massive thank you to you all for being so helpful and patient with me. In doing that you’ve helped me find some of the me I used to be before all this happened. I’ve enjoyed shopping, something I enjoyed before I met my ex-partner. I’ve spoilt Katie and I’ve been enjoying the time that me and her have had.

When I move to start over I know I’ve still got more to figure about myself but with your help of putting me on the Gateway programme I have a feeling It’s going to help and open my eyes more for the future.

Thank you all so much for everything


* The daughter’s name has been changed for this case study

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