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case-study-anonI don’t know where to start.

I am a single mum to two fab children.  I have landed myself a permanent contract in the most amazing and fulfilling job.  My kids are settled in school, enjoying loads of extra activities such as swimming, rugby club, camping and more.

I am at university working towards a degree fitting with my job role.

So much has changed from before my support with WHAG.  When I got in touch with WHAG I was an absolute wreck.  I was living out of my car with my children, we were homeless.  Spending our days in the parks because I didn’t know what else to do.

My ex-was violent, using drugs and everyone surrounding me and the kids was totally accepting of him or blamed me for his behaviour.  I cannot express the pain, hurt, how frightened I was for me and my kids.  Totally taken away from my family and friends and manipulated.

I didn’t have a job; I got a house but was limited to what to what we had in it.  WHAG applied for funding for me to help me with basics, cooker, beds, and a sofa.

A man knocked on my door one day in December with a hamper from the church with Christmas dinner stuff, food, crackers and some vouchers for a toy shop so I could buy the kids presents and a voucher for a butchers so I could pick up some meat for Christmas dinner.  Again all I could do was cry.

I guess I had been kept so far away for so long, from any one that I was totally shocked by all the help and support.  How nice people can be, and I slowly started to realise I had nothing to be ashamed about or embarrassed about.

I applied for a job and got it! That just changed my whole world! My confidence has slowly risen, I have made some fab friends, I am earning enough to manage my house and pay for my extras for my kids.

Before I was frightened to do anything, or go anywhere alone.  Now me and my kids are always busy during school holidays, travelling, meeting new people, trying new things.  Everything is fantastic.

I am back to the old me! I am happy! My kids are happy!

I am even dating again now, but on my terms! So much has changed for the better and I can’t even begin to thank all the people for support.  I couldn’t have done it without them.

Thank you


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