Who are we?

WHAG is a charity and a company limited by guarantee. We were set up in 1981, so we can draw on nearly 40 years’ experience of providing housing and domestic abuse services. We are based in Rochdale, but can provide services across the north west of England.

Our charitable aims are to work with women who are homeless or whose housing situation is not secure, and to work with women, men and children who are fleeing domestic abuse.

We support the people we work with to overcome the experiences they have had. We empower them to build up the skills and resources they need to take on a tenancy of their own and keep it in the long term. We give them the information they need to make positive choices about their futures.

WHAG’s guiding principles help define how we will act at all times through the development and delivery of our services:

  • We will support people to take responsibility and be accountable for their actions
  • We will support families to live independently in the community of their choosing
  • We will be non-judgemental and supportive at all times
  • We will ensure our support is accessible to all those in need
  • We will help develop new knowledge and create new skills for individuals and families to make better life choices
  • We will provide positive alternatives to current services and resources available in a community


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