WHAG has again been chosen as part of the Co-op’s local community fund.  Using the funds raised we would like to train volunteers to support those affected by domestic abuse.  By providing training for volunteers we would be creating skilled confident people ready for employment. By creating a peer support network for those affected by domestic abuse, we will make the community more aware and supportive and reduce costs on other resources such as the police, housing, healthcare, legal aid and mental health services.

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The more members who choose WHAG as their cause and purchase Co-op branded products and services from the Co-op, the more money we can raise for WHAG.

There are ways that you can help support WHAG’s cause by

  • Tell everyone you know to join Co-op if they’re not already members – they can find out about Co-op membership in-store or online at coop.co.uk/membership
  • Asking friends/family/contacts, etc. who are already a Co-op member to back WHAG
  • Let people (friends/family/contacts, etc.)  know that just by shopping in their local Co-op they’re helping WHAG

The funding period will run up to 27 October 2018.

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