Q What is a refuge like?

A A refuge is a safe and stable environment were women can come to gather their thoughts. It is a place where people understand what you are going through. WHAG will not make decisions for you, but whatever you decide WHAG will support you throughout.

Q I am homeless and need emergency accommodation, can you help me?

A  We advise that you should contact your local homelessness team via telephone or visit them in person, they will make a referral to us.  When  we receive your referral we will consider you for accommodation at our Supported Accommodation Projects.  Details of your local homelessness team can be found on your local councils website,   If  Domestic Abuse is involved and you are in danger we would get someone to ring you from our Domestic Abuse service as soon as possible.

Q Have you got a flat available?

A You need to contact your local homelessness team who will make a referral to us.  Details of your local homelessness team can be found on your  Councils website.

Q Do women choose violent men?

Women do not seek out relationships with violent men.  Frequently, men who will become violent do not reveal this aspect of their behaviour until the relationship has become well established – and often not until the woman’s first pregnancy.

Q How does Domestic Abuse affect Women?

A Women may be affected by Domestic Abuse in a number of ways. They may experience any or all of the following:

  • isolation from family/friends
  • loss of income or work
  • homelessness
  • emotional/psychological effects such as anxiety, depression or lowered sense of self-worth
  • poor health
  • physical injury or ongoing impairment
  • if they are pregnant, they may miscarry or the baby may be stillborn
  • time off work or study, and long-term impact on financial security and career
  • death – two women a week are killed by their partners or former partners.
Q What if I change my mind and decide to go home?

It is ok to change your mind, if you wish to return home this is fine it is your choice. You can still  access WHAG’s  services at any time.

Q What about my Furniture?

Unfortunately WHAG is unable to store large items of furniture. WHAG will help to find appropriate storage if you wish to store your furniture until you find a new home.

Q Can my children come with me?

All children are welcome. WHAG will support children along with their mothers however boys over 16 are not permitted to stay at the Refuge.

Q I work, Can I keep my Job?

Yes! All women are welcome no matter if they work or not.

Q Will I have my own room if I come to a refuge?

A All refuges vary. Some of them you will have access to your own bedroom, like our own refuge and a communal Kitchen and bathroom.   In most refuges women will share communal areas such as the lounge.

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