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Signs Of Domestic Abuse

What are the signs of Domestic Abuse?

How do I recognise an abusive relationship?

Domestic Abuse can take many forms all of which are rooted in a desire to control and exercise power over a family member or partner. Every situation is different but there are common patterns of behaviour, which can be identified within an abusive relationship.

In an abusive relationship an abuser may:-

  • Try to control you by telling you where you can and cannot go, checking up on where you have been and who you have been talking to.
  • Always blame you when something happens that they don’t like or when things go wrong.
  • Withhold money or take your money and possessions without asking.
  • Dis-encouraging or preventing you from seeing family members,  friends and work colleagues or the people who may support you to try to isolate you.
  • Following you or checking on your whereabouts with friends, family members or children to make sure you are where you said you would be.
  • Unwanted or continuous phone calls,  text messages, emails,  or contact through social media (i.e. Facebook and Twitter)
  • Embarrass you and put you down in front of other people, make you feel stupid never taking any notice of what you think or say.
  • Demand to have sex when you do not want to or demand you perform sexual acts you are uncomfortable with.
  • Use threats of harm to you and/or the children or other people you are close to.
  • Become violent and aggressive, shout, punch, kick, hit or pulling hair.

The list above are some common examples of factors which may be present in an abusive relationship there are others. If your partner or a family member displays such behaviour to you or if you are concerned about someone close to you seek help and advice from WHAG on:-

BURY OFFICE – 0161 761 5266

ROCHDALE OFFICE – 01706 718 180