CWAC Complex needs project

Who is the service for?

Men and women who live in Cheshire West and Chester and:

  • Are aged over 16
  • Do not have children living with them
  • Have experienced or are experiencing domestic abuse and
  • Have been identified having complex needs (see below.)

What do we offer?

The CWAC Complex Needs project offers intensive one-to-one support to people in the community, both in connection with the domestic abuse they have experienced and other needs such as mental health, drug use or alcohol.

The support WHAG provides includes things like:

  • Helping you get support and treatment for drug or alcohol use
  • Helping you get support and treatment for mental health issues
  • Making plans with you about how to manage safety for you and your children
  • Helping you get security measures such as window locks and letter box covers put in place (sometimes known as target hardening or a sanctuary scheme)
  • If you want to move, supporting you to find and apply for housing
  • Supporting you to apply for benefits
  • Money matters and dealing with debt
  • Linking you in to support in your community
  • Helping you deal with any court action.

How do I get the service?

You will need to be referred by an organisation that is supporting you. This can be someone like a doctor, community psychiatric nurse or drug and alcohol support worker.

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