To the Women’s Housing Action Group

I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for allowing me to stay in one of your dispersed properties with my dog. I did not expect the accommodation to be as good as this. I have been very comfortable here.

When I first presented with a need, I explained that I have a dog. I was told he was allowed to stay with me, which was a joy and a relief to me. I have benefitted greatly, and my dog has, for being able to stay with me. And I have been able to reassure him and look after him.

My key worker is a great support to me in terms of reassurance, concern for my well being and providing information.

I have always thought that this flat has been specially chosen. Due to the peace and quiet, intercom security, easy access to amenities and transport links. The location is ideal

I am looking forward to attending the recovery programme which I am sure will help with both my healing and moving on.

I am so glad your organisation has been here for me.

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