I have found the freedom programme to be a valuable and important part of my recovery. Not only have I learnt the pattern of abuse and gained understanding of my lived experience, but I have also found the strength gained from sharing my experiences with the ladies in my group invaluable.

I have learnt that I was a victim of, and now a survivor of abuse.  I have learnt I was not at fault and that there was little I could have done to improve the relationship or change my ex-partner. After years of questioning my role in the abusive relationship, feeling shame and disappointment it is freeing to understand this.

The freedom programme has helped me in a whole number of ways, it has helped me to recognise and accept my experience and to understand that other people have shared similar turmoil. I see know the perpetrator may be different and the lived experience is different but the abuse and impact of it is the same. To be a survivor is to be free and I am proud of my strengths throughout this.  I will be ever grateful to the freedom programme and WHAG staff for their support during this difficult time and for helping me recognise my own strength.

Thank you!

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