I really got a lot from this course, the women who run it are really good.  I believed I caused the violence for 10 years.  From week 1 I now know it’s not our fault!! Wonderful course and wonderful women.

Fantastic Course, taught me a lot.  I met great people, this course is a lifeline.  Susan and Susan who run the course are both understanding and have great empathy.  I would recommend it to anyone.

Thanks for everything xx

The course has really helped me to understand what has happened in my life and the decisions I have made.  It has helped me to get back to my old self and rebuilt my confidence.  I will use the tools I have gained for the rest of my life.  The support and understanding you get from both support workers and other ladies you meet is invaluable.

Thank you so much xx

This course has helped me rebuild my confidence and self esteem.  It is really helpful and useful.  I will use the skills and keep all knowledge to use throughout my life.  Thank you for everything.  I am grateful.

Take care x

I have found this course invaluable.  The course facilitators were professional yet approachable and friendly.  I have grown into me!, After 20 years!!.  The CBT and keeping the  thought diaries have helped change my brain for the better.  I am more assertive and positive in my thinking.

This course has helped me and my 3 children.  The hand-outs are clear and easy to understand and to be able to read them in my own time has been useful.

Thank you  for having me xx

We had one week break between the second  to last and last session.  I found this very helpful to break off gently from the course.  It made me realise that I could cope with the tools this course has given me, without having this course to attend.

The Recovery Toolkit programme has helped me to re-train my thinking from negative thoughts to positive, to find the ‘real’ me and my own identity, which was in pieces when I fled my relationship.  All the staff thank you.

Sue, Jackie, Sufia, excellent and so supportive xx

This course has helped me in so many ways, It has helped me change my way of thinking, totally helped me deal with situations without getting angry.  The ladies, Sue, Jackie and Sufia have been very supportive, thank you.  I have met some lovely women and know I am not the only one who has been through it.

Thanks for everything WHAG

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